Nice place to stay!


The room was really clean, decorated in a beach-related motif and as an added bonus from room 4 I had a partial view of the beach! The staff is incredibly friendly from the moment I booked the trip when I was called to make sure I meant to book a room in Washington State and not Washington DC but also the day of my arrival shoring up my estimated arrival time and how to reach staff if I was a late arrival.

I am not sure if all of the rooms are like this but I was in a room with two separate bedrooms and a kitchen. If you needed to cook there was plenty of space as well as all of the utensils you would need.

This inn doesn't have air but you have a steady ocean breeze- with the windows open you do not need air. You are truly a block away from the beach- but just keep in mind that the ocean is set back a bit from the street so you will have to walk a bit further to get to the waves.

If you have accessibility needs it should be something to keep in mind. Additionally, if you are not able to climb steps request a room on the ground floor- this inn doesn't have an elevator.

I was only here for one night but it was a peaceful, relaxing place I would stay in again! After driving through Ocean Shores I am glad my room was in Pacific Beach- it seemed to be less touristy/kitsch but still close enough to drive to if you were looking for that type of experience. – Anonymous, Baltimore, MD